Welcome to my homepage

Here I want to present my projects I have done during my studies. This will be done by summaries, howtos and tutorials, which can be found on my blog. For further information feel free to contact me. Actually there are a lot of old projects in the blog, which do not have a full text. This will be finished later. Have fun and enjoy it.

Matthias Niedermaier

Page name

The webpage title NM-projects is made up out of my surname “Niedermaier” and my forename “Matthias”. This is followed by projects to substantiate the content of this domain. The logo with the two letters was designed by myself to easily recognize projects, howtos, etc. done by me.



Actually I am a research assistant at the University of applied sciences in Augsburg. My area of studies is embedded security/IT-Security, which includes a lot of different sections. This includes Embedded Linux, Reverse Engineering, Web Security, Application Security and much more.

Matthias Niedermaier