Raspberry Pi – Hardware Hacking V0.1

The idea behind the hardware hacking shield for the Raspberry Pi is to learn IT-Security hacks on different bus systems on embedded boards.

Features for the first version of the Raspberry Pi Hardware Hacking Board (V0.1):

  • I2C EEPROM to learn the basics of the I2C bus
  • SPI EEPROM to learn the basics of the SPI bus
  • UART to USB FTDI converter to learn the basics of UART and USB
  • Two push buttons
  • Two user leds

For the first versio (V0.1) the PCB layout and order process will be evaluated.
Ordering from “http://smart-prototyping.com/” from China.

Basic schematics:

3d view of the PCB, some parts have no 3d model:

The KiCad Datas are actually in a zip compressed folder, but will later by added to a git repository (KiCad + Gerber V0.1):

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